Redskins Training Camp: Day 10

How did Carlos Rogers really look and what is his prognosis? Does Malcolm Kelly have a chance to play this Sunday? Did Campbell continue to look good? All this and more right here...

...Carlos Rogers practiced full today, giving the Redskins hope that he could indeed return earlier than they anticipated. Washington coach Jim Zorn had maintained for a while that he didn't think Rogers would come back before the end of September.

Rogers has insisted he would return for the season opener. Still too early to tell who will be right, but seeing Rogers in action today had to make them cautiously optimistic. What they don't want is for him to play a game then miss a game, so they will take it slow.

But he did everything they wanted him to do today, going hard in both practices. One key will be how his knee responds tomorrow.

...Malcolm Kelly participated in limited fashion during the afternoon session. He still has a chance of playing Sunday.

...Linebacker H.B. Blades underwent arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his knee and will miss four weeks. The coaches love Blades because he's always around the ball. Personally, Blades is a good story and a good player. But at his size it will be hard to see him becoming a full-time guy. He's smaller and not as quick as London Fletcher.

...Quarterback Jason Campbell had another strong day, maybe his best yet. Very accurate on some downfield throws and his decision making has pleased the coaches. We'll see what happens in game situations, but he's looke d good this week.

...Marcus Washington is healthy and it's noticeable. He has a bounce in his step that wasn't always seen last year when he battled through injuries. A healthy Washington gives the Redskins an infectious personality and provides them a ton of energy.

...It's quiet without the fans at practice.

...Chris Cooley is genuinely pleased to do community work. He hosted 25 kids from Children's Hospital today, hanging out with them for a while after practice. He interacted with them with a big smile on his face. Also handed out bags with $300 worth of goodies in them, including a PSP. Yes, he can afford this. But he sincerely wants to as well; said he was excited about this last night. He's a good celebrity.

...The Redskins drew 60,000 fans to their open workouts.

...Jason Fabini missed practice thanks to a major vomiting spell in the morning, which coach Jim Zorn gave us a detailed description of in his press conference. Could have done without that.

...Some remnants of Chris Samuels' cake was on the podium today.

...One of the things that separates Zorn from previous coaches is that he has a passion for football that seems to have never dimmed. Some coaches become jaded or forget why they love the game; don't think Zorn ever has to be reminded of why he loves what he does.

...DT Anthony Montgomery will have his cast cut off Friday and sa id he might be able to play in the second preseason game.

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