What They Said: No Consolation Prize

The Bengals dropped their fifth straight game to start the season, a 31-22 defeat at Dallas. As has been the tale previously the team had too many woulda/coulda/shoulda's to come out with a win. JungleInsider.com brings you some of the sad thoughts from the post-game locker room.

Head Coach Marvin Lewis

On the Loss

I just finished telling those guys in that room that there is no consolation prize for losing. We did some things we have to offensively, get off to a better start. We kind of dug ourselves in a hole and put the defense in a bad situation at the end of the football game. Some of the explosive plays today we have to get those things get to rest and shut down.

Special teams again we are pretty consistent but there are some things that we need to continue to work harder at. We make kind of a not smart play when we go out of bounds first touching the ball, so we lose field position there.

The guys worked there tail off and we didn't get a win here today so we have to go back to work. It wasn't good enough. We have to find a way to make it better. We have to find a way to finish it out and make the plays at the end of the football game that win the game. And they will keep at it.

On playing top competition in the NFL

I think it's a little bit closer across the board. [NFL teams] We have to play better each and every week because we haven't won a football game and that's the key thing. We have to keep working and get in football shape.

Is there a loss of confidence at this point or with Chris Perry?

No! Not at all. It is everyone's job to take care of the football whether it be the quarterback, running back, the returners, and etc; it doesn't matter. It's everyone's responsibility. Every play call you have is to attack the opponent.

WR Chad Ocho Cinco

On his kiss the star claim:

"I enjoyed myself today. It was our first time coming to Dallas. It didn't go right for us as a team. We lost. "

On lack of first half involvement:

"I had to keep my focus, keep my composure. I waited until I got my opportunity. We tried a little bit in the first half, a ball got away. After that, I just waited until my opportunities came… "We came back. I'm not sure what we did to come back."

When asked about conversation with Adam Jones throughout the game:

"(We talked back and forth) the whole game. I haven't played against Adam I think since 2004. I enjoyed it."

On taking a team step forward or back:

"I'm not sure. The way we played today is the way we need to play. I think we're going to be fine. The only way we can get out of this is to help ourselves."

On Carson Palmer's performance after missing practice:

Carson is the upper echelon of quarterbacks. I don't care if he didn't practice for a month. I'm not going to use that (Carson's missed practice) as an excuse, I'm not going to buy that if anyone else uses it. Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Carson then everybody else.

RB Cedric Benson

On his return to the NFL:

"I feel like I haven't missed a day at all. For a while, there was a little cold butterflies. But I got out there on the first series, and there was no problem. Maybe I was a little too fast or a little too quick. … I don't expect big things. As I get back to work and get more into the playbook, I'll get more involved. … I didn't want to put too many expectations on myself. I just want to do something for the team.

On the offense:

"We have to get the chains moving; get a spark. As I get into the game, I can help the team out. I can bring more depth in the playbook. Week in and week out, I'll get better. … I think I can help. All we needed to do offensively was continue to move the chains. As an offense we have to stay on the field."

On his health:

"I feel really good. I got a lot of support in practice and a lot of support from the coach, as far as prepping for this game and as far as the playbook goes."

G Bobbie Williams

On the game:

"Mentality. We just have to come out with a mentality and everybody was on the same page for the first time. And you know the thing is we gotta operate for four quarters. You know, three isn't good. Three and a half (neither). You gotta go four."

On the loss:

"You can't put a finger on it. You can't try. You just gotta go in and do your job as an individual and come together as a team. … Just make sure you're doing your job. It's hard. But you gotta do that. And if we do that we will come away with a win. We did some good things. But it wasn't good enough.

On the loss, part II:

"We got some tough breaks. … As far as the turnovers we created, we can control that. These things we gotta work on. We gotta eliminate. These turnovers. You know the defense played good. Got us good field position. But when you have turnovers like we had, nine times out of 10 you're not going to come away with a win. And you just can't make those mistakes against a good team like the Dallas Cowboys. We have to learn from this real quick."

LB Keith Rivers

On the game:

"A team like that with the great players they have – you can't dig yourself back six feet deep. You know we were able to do that [go toe to toe with Dallas despite the errors], but we weren't able to do that for all four quarters. … There is no moral victory. You just have to get out there and get it done. We've been working really hard and you can tell. We just have to finish. … We still have a sense of urgency. We just have to take initiative."

S Chinedum Ndukwe

On the game:

"Every game you have to look at the mistakes and go back and fix them. That's the way you have to do it. Right now, we're 0-5. That's the reality. We just have to move on. … It is frustrating. But that is what we're paid to do: Go out and try your hardest. That's what I'm going to do and that's what the players on this team are going to do. … it's frustrating, but you can't do anything but go forward, play hard. We have the Jets next week. We have to focus on that and move forward."

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