Brett And The Bengals

Brett Favre the Bengals go way back. It was against the Bengals in 1992 that Favre first came to the nation's attention as a quarterback, and it was against the Bengals in 2005 that a fan rushed the field at Paul Brown Stadium, stole the ball from Favre as he was leading the Packers on a last-minute drive into Bengals territory and helped the Bengals hold on for a win.

Favre and Bengals get together again on Sunday, this time at the Meadowlands in New Jersey as the Bengals take on Favre's new team, the New York Jets, seeking their first win after five consecutive defeats to open the season.

It's the Bengals second trip to New Jersey this season; they lost 26-23 to the Giants in overtime in Week 3, a game in which quarterback Carson Palmer injured his right elbow. The injury forced Palmer to miss one game and he admitted on Wednesday that it did affect his performance last Sunday in a 31-22 loss at Dallas.

"There were a couple times where I didn't have the confidence I normally have, just because my arm's not the same as previous to the injury," said Palmer during his weekly press conference on Wednesday. "But as far as throwing balls, I felt like I missed a couple I shouldn't have missed, but the only thing I noticed was just a little less confidence in throwing some. I saw holes in certain spots that I kind of held back on and moved on to the next guy."

Palmer finished 23 of 39 for 217 yards, two touchdowns and one interception against the Cowboys. He said his practice regimen this week would follow what he did last week.

"Throw as little as possible and let it rest as much as possible, and make a decision later in the week and see what the doctors say," said Palmer.

Favre and the Jets are 2-2 and coming off their bye week. The last time they played the Jets outscored Arizona 56-35 as Favre threw six touchdown passes.

For the season Favre has completed 70.2 percent of this passes, the second-best percentage in the league, to go along with 12 touchdown passes and a 110.8 passer rating. He leads the NFL in both of the latter two categories.

That's not too shabby for a guy who was retired for four months this year.

"One of the things that I especially respect about Brett — and not knowing him personally prior to us acquiring him — is just what a regular guy he is," said Jets head coach Eric Mangini. "He's got such an incredible resume, this incredible body of work, but it was really important to him when he came in that he was treated like everybody else, that he did everything that the group was doing, and that he fit in. He wanted to fit in. He didn't want any sort of special consideration. It takes a unique guy to have that much success and take that approach."

Former Pittsburgh offensive lineman Alan Faneca joined the Jets this offseason as a free agent. He was excited about his new team before Favre was acquired in a trade with the Packers.

"Going back to the transition of when he first got here, one day a Hall of Famer is not in your huddle and the next day a Hall of Famer is in your huddle calling your plays. It's different but exciting," said Faneca. "I definitely think he opens up our game a lot. I think some of the things that he is able to do are things that we weren't able to do as a team before that. The possibilities are definitely there. It's all about us being able to go out there and execute it on a short notice."

The last time the Bengals played against Favre was in 2005 when Favre was with Green Bay and a fan helped preserve a 21-14 victory for the Bengals.

Gregory Gall, now 34, jumped over the 9-foot wall behind the Packers' bench area onto a cart and then proceeded to make his way onto the field where he snatched the football away from Favre with 26 seconds remaining in regulation and the Packers holding a first down at the Cincinnati 28-yard line.

The delay allowed the Bengals to regroup defensively. Green Bay had moved 67 yards in two plays, aided by a 48-yard pass interference penalty against Ifeanyi Ohalete, but Duane Clemons sacked Favre on the next play and then the game ended when Favre was called for an illegal forward pass for throwing the ball after he has crossed the line of scrimmage.

"I remember it because the ball was supposed to come to me," said current Bengals receiver Antonio Chatman, who was then a member of the Packers. "Nobody saw (Gall) him coming. It was a shock because you don't expect nothing like that. We thought we had them on their heels. We had called a skinny post for the play but never got to throw it."

The Bengals intercepted Favre five times in that game but still required the last bit of help to Gall to earn the win.

"All I remember is winning. It's been a while since we've had one of those," said Palmer on Wednesday. "You watch that last drive and I think we were up by five or six points and it's one those things where it's 'Uh oh, it's Favre.' You never know. You never know when the game's over. Fortunately we had some fan interference that saved that win for us.

"(Gall) was the key. I think he should have got the game ball."

Palmer was then reminded by a member of the media that Gall did get a game ball.

"He had the game ball for a minute, yeah," said Palmer.

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