For The Jets, The Pryce Is Right

The Jets signed Trevor Pryce off waivers from Baltimore this year, answering a call from Rex Ryan. "It's been a whirlwind," said Pryce.

Florham Park, NJ – Trevor Pryce, the latest addition to the Jets, put it succinctly when he got the phone call earlier this week that the Jets wanted to make a deal to sign the recently waived player. Two years ago, Pryce played for then defensive coordinator Rex Ryan as part of a Baltimore defense that dominated the league and went to the AFC Championship Game. Now head coach of the Jets, Ryan knew that when Pryce was put on waivers earlier this week that he wanted the player.

The feeling was mutual.

"When Rex calls you, you answer the call," Pryce said while addressing the media on Thursday afternoon.

Pryce gives the Jets a pass rusher who can play along the interior of the line at nose tackle and can also line up at defensive end. The Jets jumped at the opportunity to pick up Pryce and add more depth to a depleted defensive line that has been thin since Kris Jenkins went down in week one of the regular season. To make room for Pryce, the Jets released nose tackle Howard Green.

"[I have a] funny feeling Big Howard will be coming back," Ryan said on Thursday afternoon.

The move to play for the Jets was made easier by the fact that Pryce is already familiar with the Jets 3-4 defense, having played in nearly the same exact formation while with the Ravens. Pryce jokingly said that he won't need to attend defensive meetings, given his familiarity with the system and Ryan's concepts.

"It's stuff I've done," Pryce said. "It is literally the same playbook, the same drawings in the middle."

Pryce and the Ravens defeated the Jets in week one of the regular season in a 10-9 game. Pryce said that the decision to come to New York was made easier by the fact that the Jets are considered Super Bowl contenders. In fact, he says that the Ravens were fortunate to escape from The New Meadowlands Stadium with a win three weeks ago.

"If not for a penalty against Braylon Edwards, the Jets beat Baltimore on Monday night," Pryce said.

The Ravens struggled to stop the run, cutting into his production and limiting the pass rusher's snaps this season. Pryce said that in the Jets scheme, he will be called upon to get after the quarterback and simply make plays. In Baltimore, the need to get after the passer wasn't the most pressing concern, he says.

"We couldn't stop water from running," Pryce said of the Ravens defense.

Three times in his 14-year NFL career, Pryce has had double digit sacks, including leading the Ravens in that statistic last year. Last week, Ravens management sat him down last week and told him about the pending move and that it was designed to bring another player on board and was only temporary. The plan was only short-term and he was supposed to report this upcoming Monday to Baltimore and be part of the active roster again.

Instead, Ryan and the Jets had interest in him and it was an easy decision for Pryce. He said that he didn't tell his agent to work on a deal with the Jets. In fact, he didn't need to.

"Some things don't need to be said," Pryce said.

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