Don't overlook the Gash signing

The Sam Gash signing indicates that Buffalo wants to go "power" this season. But more than that, Sam is a great addition to the team's chemistry. Perhaps, he won't make the same impact as Takeo Spikes and Sam Adams, but don't overlook him.

There's no question in my mind that Gash will start at fullback this season. Sam is a solid guy. He's the kind of guy – a quality-kind of guy – that every team wishes it had. And I'm not just saying this.

He's a great blocker, and on the field he produces and sticks up for his guys – he does everything he can to help the team win. He doesn't complain about the fact that he never carries the ball. In his three seasons in Baltimore, believe it or not, he had just four carries total. In fact, during the past five seasons, Sam carried the ball just 15 times, even though he only missed five games. If he rushes once next year for three yards, that will have tripled his rushing output the last four seasons.

Sam only cares if his team wins. And he plays that way, works that way, and expects his teammates to operate that way as well. He's just a player you need to have for a positive atmosphere in the locker room.

He's going to replace some of the leadership lost with Larry Centers' departure.

Granted, Sam is 34-years-old and other teams might have shied away from him because of his age and the fear that his body might not be able to take the pounding. I'm sure Sam has some football left in him. And I don't think the Bills would have signed him this early in the off-season if they didn't think he had some football left in him.

He's going to help guys play better and still help the Bills as a whole.

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