In search of exact science

Whenever the NFL Draft arrives, there are millions of experts who inevitably tell us that the draft is not an exact science. In fact, a simple Google search using the terms "NFL Draft exact science" will unearth at least 22 pages of sites that mention that the NFL Draft is not an exact science.

According to Tom Donahoe and Tom Modrak, scouts say every year that the draft prospects aren't very promising. Donahoe thought that maybe scouts were trying to protect their jobs by saying such a thing.

Well I like where the scouts are coming from in this cover-your-butt world of ours. They never let their expectations get too high because they know their next recommendation could end up being their most notorious – I wouldn't want Ryan Leaf in my portfolio.

But scouts are being a bit too pessimistic and negative for my tastes.

They should join the "not-an-exact-science" world the rest of us live in because that really is the greatest explanation for why things fail to happen as expected.

If your boss wants to know why you didn't get something finished, or you got it finished in some screwed-up manner, just tell him that it's not an exact science.

I mean let's contemplate this a bit …

OK, that's long enough.

Upon deep reflection, I've concluded that nothing is an exact science, not even science itself. If it were, we wouldn't have to study it and be surprised when things don't turn out the way we expect after careful investigation.

Lately we've seen that space shuttles aren't an exact science; that searching for Saddam Hussein is not an exact science; that figuring out Michael Jackson is not an exact science; that SARS is not an exact science.

There aren't any exact sciences.

That means the Bills aren't an exact science either. If, for some reason, they don't make the playoffs this season, fans should not be surprised when Gregg Williams gets up to the podium and tells us that football is not an exact science.

And that should make everything OK, just as long as he tried his hardest.

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