The skinny on Sobieski

The Bills took 6'5", 307-pound Iowa guard Ben Sobieski with their fifth-round pick (16th, 151st overall). Sobieski, 23, is an athletic and intelligent lineman that the team projects to possibly play center. He is a native of Mahtomedi, Minn.

From the MySportsDaily 2003 Guide compiled by Frank Cooney:


Positives … Wide-bodied type with thick legs and chest … Shows the leg drive to get movement in-line for the running game … Sinks his hips low and shuffles his feet well on the trap … Has the balance and power to hit on the move, doing a nice job of taking down linebackers in upfield blocking … Uses his hands effectively to separate from his defender … Keeps his feet moving and knows how to adjust his body when sliding back in pass protection.

Negatives … Not that durable, missing two seasons with shoulder problems and hampered another year by groin woes … Last time he started was in 1998 … Makes passive attempts to ride the defender out coming off the snap … Loses contact too frequently as he insists on playing with short arms (keeps arms close to the body rather than extending them) … Gives up too quickly when engaging defenders if his initial move does not work … Plays too high coming off the snap in pass protection, causing him to struggle with the defenders' counter moves … Lacks natural knee bend, appearing too rigid in his stance … Makes no attempt to punish the defender, preferring to take them on with finesse.

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