The skinny on Haggan

Buffalo took 6'2" Mississippi State middle linebacker Mario Haggan with its seventh-round pick (14th, 228th overall). Haggan, 23, was projected as a fourth-round pick. Bills scout Joe Haering said that Haggan might have dropped because he's probably a two-down linebacker.

The Bills like him because he might be versatile enough to play in a three-point stance as a pass rusher, and he has some experience as a defensive end.

During his senior season, Haggan made 119 tackles - eight for losses - and forced three fumbles. He had two quarterback pressures and no sacks.

From the MySportsDaily 2003 Guide compiled by Frank Cooney:


Positives … Has a thick frame that can still add additional bulk in the upper body … Has the balance and lateral agility needed to step over trash and make plays working down the line … Reads, recognizes and reacts to the play with no hesitation, showing the natural instincts to jump the snap count and draw the blockers off-side … Has the range to come out of his three-point stance to the boundary … Shows the foot speed to drop back in the zone and cover the tight end in the short area … Drives hard coming off the edge, showing excellent back side pursuit to the ball … Despite giving up bulk to the offensive linemen, he has the sudden burst needed to attack the gap and flush the quarterback out of the pocket … Hard wrap-up tackler who stays low in his pads to uncoil on the ball carrier … Has no hesitation in his lateral movements and is very effective using his body to plug the rush lanes.

Negatives … Needs muscle refinement (soft midsection) … Great team leader, but tends to get very frustrated when his moves do not work … Will then get sloppy with his tackling, over-extending and lunging while ducking his head upon contact, rather than squaring up to stalk, wrap and secure … Sits and waits for the plays to come to him rather than stepping up to make initial contact … Has poor hand technique, keeping his arms too close to his body, which allows blockers to wash him out and decleat him when working near the pile … Will lose his feet and is slow to bounce back up when challenging double teams … Lacks the long pursuit speed to be effective working in space … Does not have natural hands for the interception or pass deflection (clubs at the ball) … His hesitation to attack the line allows the fullback to get underneath his jersey on attempts to fill the rush lanes … More of a pursuer rather than a pass rusher, as he spends too much time trying to defeat blocks instead of redirecting toward the ball … Must learn to show better consistency in attempts to remain in focus when on the field (takes plays off) … Right ankle needs further medical evaluation (instability).

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