What does McGahee do to chemistry?

TOM DONAHOE FREQUENTLY talks about chemistry. Winning and chemistry go hand in hand. Winning breeds chemistry. [This is an excerpt from Steve Tasker's upcoming column in Shout!, which will be on newsstands this week, or call 1-800-93-BILLS for a copy.]

Chemistry is also developed because of the quality of guys the Bills bring into the locker room.

Buffalo brought Sam Gash back, who's one of the NFL's best chemistry guys. Ruben Brown, Mike Williams – guys like being around them. Eric Moulds is another. As far as great players in the NFL, Moulds is one of the more well-liked great players in the locker room. He's fun, likes his teammates, does his best to get along, never makes waves and sets the tone for work ethic and production. The Bills cherish chemistry and character a little higher than other organizations do, especially when things get tough. That's when you really see the benefits of a team being close.

Of course, don't forget about Drew Bledsoe, who also sets the tone. It's always best when the team's leadership comes from the best players. Certainly, Bledsoe and Moulds fall into that category. Even Takeo Spikes, who was a vocal leader in Cincinnati.

IS IT POSSIBLE THAT Buffalo is messing with good chemistry by drafting Willis McGahee? I mean we didn't go out and draft a first-round running back after Thurman Thomas made his first Pro Bowl during the 1989 season?

Well I say this: Willis McGahee wasn't available after Thurman Thomas had his first Pro Bowl year. If Willis had been – he's that special of a player – we might consider taking him. If you had Drew Bledsoe as your quarterback and Jim Kelly comes up in the draft, do you take him? Yeah, you do.

I know Travis Henry said it was a slap in the face. I'm sure that comment was made very soon after the pick occurred and it was a gut reaction. He was bummed out about it. A player always wonders how drafting another player at his position, or signing a highly touted unrestricted free agent might affect him. But sooner or later, perhaps even now, Travis is going to embrace it. He's got to embrace it. If he doesn't, he's not the back he thinks he is. He thinks he's the best. Well, when he's the best, the competition that comes his way doesn't matter.

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