Schobel indicates defensive changes

Mike Doser caught up with third-year defensive end Aaron Schobel at Bills' mini-camp. Schobel talks about Tim Krumrie, plus many of the changes that are occurring in the Bills' defense. Here's a transcript of the interview.

Mike Doser: What's Tim Krumrie like? He seems like a much different coach than John Levra was.
Aaron Schobel:
He's more hands-on. He gets you going every play. John was more of a "watch the film, tell you what you did" [coach] but Tim corrects you as you go. They're both good coaches, but he's a little more hands on and trying to get the most out of you during a practice right away. He makes sure you're on the ball because that's how he played. He made a lot of plays down the field when he played so he wants all of us to chase the ball, not only on Sunday, but everyday, making things happen. We have to run to the ball, whereas last year we'd take a couple of hard steps. It helps you get in shape. But overall he's a pretty soft guy. (Doser note: Schobel said soft because he saw Krumrie walking by.)
He'll get in there and wrestle with you. He says, "If you're gonna sweat, I'm gonna sweat with you." One day he wrestled all of us for a minute. There were 10 of us so he went for 10 minutes. That's hard to do. We were inside a ring and you have to knock his hands off of you. I was ready to fall down and he battled 10 of us. Man. It was more working with the hands.
Coach Levra would probably be more of a veteran kind of coach. He's the kind of coach you'd want at the end of your career, whereas this guy is good with the rookies, and he's constantly on your ass. Levra was more laid back. He said, "Try this, try that." (Coach Krumrie) is just on your ass, which is good because we're for the most part pretty young. He's more like a college coach.

Doser: How do you see Dick LeBeau's role in the defense?
Dick LeBeau just helps clear everything up. He goes around to each position and tells you in certain defenses what you got to know. He just helps clear everything up and he brought some of his scheme.

Doser: I saw at the mini-camp that LeBeau was right in the middle of things and Jerry Gray off to the sideline, working mostly with the secondary. I don't think that was the case last year. It's almost as if LeBeau is really the main man with the defense.
Jerry's always working more with the secondary. That's Jerry's strength. But Jerry's making the calls … I don't know.

Doser: What's the off-season been like? Seems like the whole team was here for the voluntary workouts, particularly the defense. Schobel: There are more people here this off-season. There has to be because we're putting more (crap) in. We got a lot of meeting time. It's not just lifting weights. We meet every day.

Doser: Antoine Winfield said it was just like the regular season. He was sort of complaining about it, good naturedly, though.
Oh no, not quite [like that]. It ain't bad. But I'm sure he was [complaining about it] (laughs). We meet from 11 to 12:30. So it's like half that. It's just going over new (crap) with the new guys – all these new guys coming in. The team is constantly catching them up. And of course, they change some things around.

Doser: What are you working on this off-season?
I'm still trying to figure that out. In college I knew there was a point where I knew exactly what worked. Right now, I ain't quite got it yet. I have games where I get good pressures and some games I get shut out. So I'm still trying to figure out what works. "Is it this, or is that?" Bruce [Smith] was able to sink and get under everybody. That was his thing, and he set everything up off of it. Me, I don't know what my thing is: Speed rusher, speed power, inside move, I don't know.
Bruce had such good flexion. He would sink under them. It makes it looks simple. Watch it on tape, (crap) it's so easy. But he also had a great get-off and that's where everything starts. I know that's for sure.

Doser: I saw that you have a defensive front in there where the tackles are lined up over the guards and there is no tackle over center. I don't recall seeing that before.
This is a different scheme. We got all that (crap) still to do. We got an even front. Actually, I think it's a swim front where they're [lined up over the guards] … I guess, I don't even know what they're (freakin) doing. I know over and under tackle is what it used to be and swim is a little different. I don't know either. I just pay attention to what I'm supposed to do.

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