Bills regrouping after first loss

Disappointed after a narrow loss to the Cincinnati Bengals to leave the ranks of the undefeated, the Buffalo Bills are regrouping.

"I believe in this league you earn respect every week," coach Chan Gailey said. "You don't stay the same, you go up or you go down. You very seldom stay the same. The respect that we have throughout the league, I believe we did (go down). When you lose, that happens. So, you've got to go earn it back." This marks the first adversity the Bills have faced.

The 3-1 AFC East club is determined to get back to winning again.

"We get a chance to do something about it," Gailey said. "The final judgment doesn't come till the end of the season. We get a chance to do something about it so here's our opportunity." The Bills had some defensive breakdowns against the Bengals' rookie quarterback Andy Dalton. "It's concerning, it is," Gailey said. "You've got to get off the field. You can't give up the big plays. The big plays hurt us this past week, the long runs, the long passes hurt us this past week. You've got to be able to get off the field on third downs.

"We hadn't done that as well as we need to. The yards do concern you. You can't give up those yards on a consistent basis. You can't give up those kind of yards on a consistent basis and expect to win."

The Philadelphia Eagles figure to be desperate for a win after their recent slide and such high expectations heading into the season.

"Everybody needs a win," Gailey said. "There isn't anybody that doesn't need a win. You walk into any press conference, anywhere, and everybody will say the same thing. Everybody's desperate.

"They're no different than anybody else we play. You go play the best you can play. I think a lot of times if you use the word desperate then you start trying to do things you can't do and that creates more of a problem than a solution." For more coverage of the NFL, go to

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