Signs show moves might happen

When I was at mini-camp last week, I noticed that Tom Donahoe and John Guy were paying particularly close attention to the wide receivers and the defensive backs, a very good indication that the Bills might add and cut at these positions before training camp.

I say that because at last year's training camp, Donahoe got up in the Skyjack crane and watched the defensive line for a whole practice after it got shoved around in its first couple of preseason games. The next day, Buffalo signed left end Chidi Ahanotu

My colleague Lary Bump says it would be a big mistake for Buffalo to put Sam Adams at under tackle over a guard and Pat Williams at nose tackle shaded over the center, which is what the Bills are currently doing. Bump says Adams is too slow and would be susceptible to running backs running right by him.

He said Buffalo really has two nose tackles in Adams and Williams, and I'm inclined to agree with him based on the two players' weights and sizes.

Now I did see a couple of instances at the early May mini-camp where Buffalo lined up its defensive tackles over the guards in a traditional 4-3 look. But it would go back to its nose tackle/under tackle alignment.

Despite Bump's contention, I still think the setup of Adams at under tackle and Williams at nose can work. I think the Bills are relying on London Fletcher to stop the run rather than Williams and Adams. Their jobs will be to keep the guards and centers from picking up Fletcher ...

Izell Reese must show significant improvement if he is to unseat Pierson Prioleau at free safety. Granted, I just briefly watched Reese at the team's mini-camps, but he did not look as good as Prioleau. He doesn't move as well as Prioleau …

Willis McGahee is already comfortable in Buffalo. The other day he told running backs coach Les Steckel, "Hey, you remind me of my [Miami positional] coach [Don Soldinger]."

Steckel said, "I never met Don, but he came across [on the telephone] like a class guy. He seemed like a good person and he had a real interest in his kids, which I thought was neat."

Steckel is supposed to be the same way, which bodes well for young running backs such as McGahee and Travis Henry

Speaking of Henry, I expect him to be at least as good, if not better than last year when he rushed for 1,438 yards and scored 14 touchdowns. He's been working out harder than anyone on the team – and that was before Willis McGahee was onboard. Henry doesn't have the PR machine behind him that McGahee does, but I'd say he is just as self-motivated as McGahee is …

I was not impressed with any of the backup quarterbacks at mini-camp. Buffalo might have to do something here during training camp.

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