Cota reconsiders, retires

Chad Cota decided to retire from the NFL instead of compete for a backup safety job behind Buffalo's Coy Wire. It's funny, yesterday <I>Shout!</I> Online ran a story about where Cota fits in with the Bills. Today the answer is nowhere.

Cota played 8 seasons in the NFL, mostly as a strong safety. In 1995, the Panthers drafted Cota in the seventh round from Oregon. In his second season he recorded a career-high five interceptions. He added 10 more as his career progressed during stops in New Orleans, Indianapolis and St. Louis.

Cota never suffered a serious injury in the NFL, but that wasn't enough to convince him to keep playing. One thing that had to concern him after he really analyzed the situation was that there was no guarantee that he'd make the Bills' roster. Tony Driver is penciled in as Coy Wire's backup and free agent pickup Izell Reese could also play there. Still, Cota would have been a good veteran to have around for morale's sake.

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