Jets O-line third best in NFL

Under siege and under attack are just a couple ways to describe the Jets offensive line play the past couple of seasons. A closer look inside the numbers reveals that New York's men in the trenches weren't as much to blame for the offense's struggles as some previously thought.

With all of the question marks surrounding the New York Jets on-field players, it may come as a surprise to most fans that the offensive line is not in dire straits.

According to, Gang Green finished third in the league in an offensive line analysis falling just short of the New England Patriots and San Francisco 49ers.

The website's analysis contends that the Jets O-line stumbled in the first few games of the season but finished strong by giving Mark Sanchez and Greg McElroy ample time to throw in the pocket.

PFF commends Nick Mangold and Brandon Moore for playing angry and Austin Howard for finding his feet as an NFL tackle. The line was not the main culprit for the lack of offense and the Jets still need to find skilled position players to make up for the inefficiencies of moving the ball.

But wait, this is the same offensive line that gave up more sacks in one game than any team has in over two decades. Fans will remember that fateful game in Week 16 against the San Diego Chargers. With their playoff hopes already out the window, the offensive line was minced and allowed McElroy to hit the ground a franchise record 11 times. The Jets finished fifth lowest in total sacks allowed, with an astounding 47, averaging nearly three sacks allowed per game.

While the players themselves may have played harder than expected, the fact remains that as a unit the line still leaves a lot left to be desired. The first step towards a total revamping is ousting offensive line coach, Dave DeGuglielmo as Gang Green looks to bring in another coach with a different vision. Additionally, the Jets could stock up on a fullback who can double as a protector for added support in the back field.

Lastly, look for the Jets to target depth for their line in the upcoming free agency as the team needs just one more name to make the line look like the unit that brought them to the AFC Title game.

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