Cowart's injury unveiled

Sam Cowart sat out Saturday morning's practice, making it unlikely that he'll be playing Sunday night vs. the Rams. Cowart's lower back muscles are tight, stretching to parts of his hamstring and buttocks.

"It's not the back. It's my muscles tightening up," Cowart said. "It's kind of something to gauge. We've been practicing so hard, running hard the last week and a half, guys on defense, especially the linebackers, we are there for the practices, plus we do the majority of the special teams work: kickoff, punt, punt return, field goal block – I'm on all those things."

Cowart's body is beat, but he doesn't seem too concerned about it because it's a common problem for players at this point in training. He's simply suffering from fatigue.

"My body just came to a point where it said, ‘I need a rest,' because I've been running hard the last four days, especially when I came back from the Cleveland game. I said, ‘This week I'm gonna work extra hard.'"

Obviously, Gregg Williams planned to operate a physically challenging training camp and said his players must be in peak condition in order to endure it. That was a major point of emphasis during the off-season: staying in shape.

Now certainly Cowart is in shape, but his body needs to recuperate from the early stages of camp. Trainers have told Cowart to ice and stimulate his muscles, rest and stay off his feet.

So why don't other Bills linebackers need to recuperate? First, Cowart is among the best linebackers in the NFL and doesn't need to prove that during practice. Secondly, when he does practice, he may exert himself more than most players.

It also should be pointed out that linebackers play the most physically grueling position on defense. They have to cover the majority of the field – from the defensive backfield to the offensive backfield, plus they also have to be physical enough to tackle tight ends and running backs and sometimes take on an offensive center or guard too. They really are a fine balance between finesse and physicalness . . .

The Bills practiced in their nickel packages quite a bit. Rob Johnson hit Jay Riemersma on a flag route in the route corner of the end zone for a touchdown. It was a pretty play. Chris Rosier also caught a touchdown from Pete Gonzalez in the left corner of the end zone. It was a pretty play . . .

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