Bills SHOCKER: Robert Hicks released

The Bills released fourth-year player Robert Hicks today. Hicks was competing for the starting right tackle spot with Jonas Jennings and Kris Farris. But after it became apparent that Jennings was playing well enough to win the position, Hicks was demoted to second team.

This week he was demoted to third team. He was playing with the third-teamers against the Rams Sunday night.

Tom Donahoe said the Bills released him because the other tackles were playing better. That may be partly true. But Hicks could not have been trying too hard. No one regresses this badly – from being an excellent player his first year, to being a good player his second year, to being putrid his third and fourth years. I think there was something going on with Hicks, like there was a better deal elsewhere and he knew about it and he was taking great pains not to get hurt when the Bills were playing him. So consequently, that's why he looked so bad.

Miffed that Hicks was doing so poorly, I asked him a week ago about whether his past ankle and knee injuries were affecting his play. He said he was feeling great. "I'm just going out there and competing," he said.

But the truth was that he wasn't competing at all. I swear something is up.

San Diego is looking for good linemen. Miami is in need of a left tackle, where ex-Bill Marcus Spriggs has been trying out. The Dolphins just signed ex-Bill Jamie Nails. Perhaps Hicks has a place there. After all, Spriggs, Nails and Hicks are friends.

Regardless, Hicks is not as bad as he played in this training camp. Something is up.

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