Daily Dr. Roto - Friday, August 8

There's always one guy per Fantasy league who drafted half the players from his favorite team. He even drafted the kicker and his team isn't any good! Don't be that guy. Dr. Roto agrees and he's out to win.


The Secret of My Success

Last week, I was on the phone with my friend Scott Atkins (@RedBlueRadio) when the news came off the wire that OL Donald Thomas of the Indianapolis Colts was placed on injured reserve by the team. As the news came in, all I heard on the other end of the line was, “Oh man. This just kills Richardson’s value. Damn, this is not a good omen.” I could hear the pain in Scott’s voice. I felt for the guy; his team lost an integral part of their offense. As we hung up the phone I knew he was dejected: his beloved Colts had already made him suffer and the season hadn’t even started yet.

I grew up in New York, the son of Dallas Cowboys fan. I am not sure if Papa Roto truly loved the Cowboys as much as he admired their QB Roger Staubach. Staubach, a former Navy grad, was not only a terrific football player, but a person of high morals and character. However, I feel certain that if Staubach played for another team, Papa Roto would have changed his allegiance.

As for myself, I grew up rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New York Giants. I loved The Steelers and their great players such as Terry Bradshaw and Mean Joe Greene. But my favorite player was Lynn Swann. He moved effortlessly on the field. His catches in the Super Bowls were timeless and I can still see them in my mind’s eye today. I also loved my hometown team, the New York Giants. Players like Lawrence Taylor, Phil Simms and Mark Bavaro were the guys I rooted for while in high school. I didn’t live or die with each win or loss, but I certainly pulled for them each week.

However, things changed for me in my junior year of college when one of my friends said to me, “Hey, you want to join our Fantasy league?” From that moment on I became hooked. I won my league in that first year and have won too many to count since then.

I will give you the secret of my Fantasy success. Some of you might think it is research. Others may think that I have some insider tips, while others might think that I just get lucky. The truth is that I can attribute my success to one main thing: I do not care about my favorite team or which players I like or dislike -- I simply care about winning.

I don’t care if I get to watch my home team play on TV; I don’t care if the player is nice or not; I care about the results I get each week. The Bills vs. Texans to me is as exciting as the Broncos vs. 49ers if I have C.J. Spiller and Andre Johnson on my Fantasy roster.

Many of you will read this and not agree with me. Many of you will still draft your favorite players because you “like” them for one reason or another. That is just fine by me. To each their own and I wish you well. For me, I am the guy who will be drafting to win, looking to cash in on another successful season. At the end of the day, this is a game we love and enjoy. I will just enjoy my season more with winnings coming my way. Don’t forget there are two O’s in “Roto” when you write out my check

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