Pegula Introduced As Buffalo Bills Owner

Terry Pegula was introduced as the new owner of the Buffalo Bills on Friday. In a 40 minute press conference, Pegula made his opening remarks and answered various media questions. Here's the rundown.

Terry Pegula was formally introduced as the new Buffalo Bills owner on Friday. Within minutes, Pegula became very emotional about his latest purchase. Pegula said, “I knew this was going to happen,” in regards to his emotions getting the best of him.

Pegula talked about the importance of keeping the Bills in Buffalo. Some have said that Pegula overbid on the Bills, paying $1.4 billion. On the topic of overpaying, Pegula said, “I want to ask our fans if I overpaid. I know what they’re going to tell you.”

During the press conference, Pegula said all the right things. He mentioned the ultimate goal is winning Super Bowls with the Bills.

Here are some other interesting tidbits from the press conference:

-A new stadium will happen. In regards to a new stadium, Pegula mentioned that the Bills "will gradually proceed to plan and design a stadium." That said, Pegula acknowledged that a lot of money was put into renovating Ralph Wilson Stadium and a move isn't imminent.

-Mary Owen, Buffalo's executive vice president of strategic planning, and Jeff Littman, the chief financial officer, will no longer be with the organization. Their exits were by design. Owen will be leaving to lead the Ralph C. Wilson Foundation.

-No other organizational changes are on the horizon. Pegula gave Russ Brandon, Bills President a vote of confidence stating, "We like the job Russ is doing with the organization, he’s two years now in his president position.”

-Pegula mentioned that they'll still be living in Florida as he has two children in high school.

-Kim Pegula, co-owner of the Bills, was present but was not on stage with Terry.

-He will appear on the field before the Bills/Patriots game.

Pegula stated that he's just like everyone else, regardless of his wealth. He came across this way in his introductory press conference. It's an exciting time to be a Bills fan and the atmosphere at Ralph Wilson Stadium should be off the charts on Sunday.

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