Why WR Mike Williams was Inactive in Week 6

Doug Marrone explained why Mike Williams was inactive against the New England Patriots.

Wide reciever Mike Williams was a healthy scratch for Week 6. The move left Buffalo Bills fans scratching their heads. Why was Mike Williams inactive against the New England Patriots? Doug Marrone gave the following explanation after the game:

"Mike Williams' situation was really a tough call. It wasn't really the direction that we probably would have gone. What happened late in the week, we didn't really realize until about Friday night that Kyle Williams was going to be able to play. So by that time, we had put so much in game plan-wise for (the) three-tight end package that we practiced quite a bit that we played today with our tight ends playing. When you look through the roster, you have to say to yourself, 'OK, you're not going to not play Kyle (Williams), if he's healthy.' So we started to go through and see where we were banged up a little bit, where we needed guys to play, where we needed special teams, where we needed — you know, you go through all those different scenarios and it's not an easy decision. We went with that decision. The process to go about it, we were really surprised that (Kyle Williams) was able to play, which was good. I brought Mike in on Saturday and told him I needed him to do this for the team. I said it's not a great situation, but due to the special teams and everything we needed to cover, we talked to him and he handled it like a pro. And he'll be ready to go next week."

Source: Matthew Fairburn

It appears that Kyle Williams' ability to play on Sunday put the Bills in a tough spot roster-wise. Going forward, it appears that the Bills will go back to two-tight end sets and Chris Gragg or Lee Smith will be inactive. Look for Mike Williams to be active in Week 7 when the Bills take on the Minnesota Vikings.

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