Jerry Hughes' Excessive Helmet Slapping?

There were some questionable penalty calls in the Bills/Patriots game. No call was more questionable than an unsportsmanlike penalty on Jerry Hughes.

There were some questionable penalties in Sunday's Bills/Patriots game, but the worst call of the game was an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Jerry Hughes.

In the first quarter, the Patriots faced a 3rd and 1. Stevan Ridley took the carry and was stopped for no gain by Brandon Spikes and Ty Powell. Hughes, understandably excited by the play of his teammates, came over to celebrate. He hit Powell's helmet multiple times and the referee threw a flag. Bills fans and players were shocked by the penalty. 

Take a look at the play here.

What was the referee thinking? Did he believe that Hughes was attempting to hit Ridley? No one knows for sure, but this certainly should not have been a penalty. 

Questionable penalties like this are why some refer to the NFL as the 'No Fun League.'

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