Lululemon Angers Buffalo Sports Fans

Lululemon learned a valuable lesson in Buffalo. Sports fans aren't forgiving when it comes to references from Super Bowl XXV or the 1999 Stanley Cup Finals.

Buffalo sports fans were ready to get their yoga accessories elsewhere.

Lululemon, a high-end yoga accessory store with over 200 locations, angered Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres fans this week. A mosaic placed in their Buffalo store at the Walden Galleria had two phrases on it:

"Wide Right" and "No Goal."

Wide Right refers to Scott Norwood's field goal miss at the end of Super Bowl XXV and No Goal is a reference to a controversial goal scored by Brett Hull of the Dallas Stars in the 1999 Stanley Cup Final. Needless to say, Buffalo sports fan didn't take kindly to the store's mosaic.

The store manager,Pamela Palmieri, claims that the mosaic wasn't there to mock Buffalo fans. Instead, it was to be seen as a rally cry of sorts. 

Lululemon claims that the company did two years of market research in Buffalo and that the mosaic was seen as a good idea. Perhaps they should have spent an additional two years on that research.

Today, the store covered the mosaic with a rug due to the negative feedback. Here's a link that shows the original mosaic and how it looked later this afternoon. Credit for the photos are from Athan Kompos, executive producer of Buffalo's WGRZ-TV.

Lululemon plans on replacing the mosaic with something Buffalo residents can get behind. Let's hope that their latest market research doesn't lead them to a new mosaic that reads, "Music City Miracle."

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