Sammy Watkins Learns from Mistake

Sammy Watkins' gaffe on Sunday didn't cost the Bills any points, but it's a mistake he says he won't make again. To the rookie wide receiver's credit, he later redeemed himself.

Sammy Watkins thought he was going to score a touchdown. Kyle Orton threw a deep pass and connected with the rookie wide receiver. Thinking he was in the clear, Watkins slowed down just enough for Saalim Hakim to catch him from behind. The play went for 84 yards and two plays later the Bills scored a touchdown, but Watkins' gaffe could have been costly.

After the game, Doug Marrone said the following on the play:

 "There's a lot of people that were upset," Marrone said. "We weren't hurt by it because we were able to come back and score, and I don't really expect a guy like Sammy to ever do that again."

Watkins owned up to his mistake after the game:

"Got a lot of things from coach about finishing plays. Not going to let it happen again."

Watkins later scored on a 61 yard pass from Orton. He finished with three receptions for 157 yards and one touchdown.

To paraphrase Harry Dunne from Dumb and Dumber, Watkins did something dumb but then he went out, caught a 61 yard pass and TOTALLY redeemed himself.

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