Pegulas Working to End Toronto Series

Terry and Kim Pegula are already quite popular with Buffalo Bills fans. On Wednesday night, they mentioned that they're working on ending the Toronto series. The news will make them even more beloved in Buffalo.

Terry and Kim Pegula want the Buffalo Bills to play all of their home games in Western New York. In an interview with the Associated Press, the Pegulas mention that they're working to end the Toronto series.

"We're working on that right now," Kim said. "We want all the home games to be played in Buffalo, so we're working through that. I think it's close, but nothing's been finalized. But that is our intent."

The Bills started playing games in Toronto in 2008. They were 1-5 in their six regular season games in Toronto. Each game in Toronto was considered a home game for the Bills, but the crowd was often split and quiet during the game.

This season, the Bills and Rogers Communication agreed to postpone the series.Now, it appears that the Toronto series is close to being officially over. 

This is news that all Bills fans will be excited about.

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