The Playoff Picture for the Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills are currently in 10th place in the AFC. They have a chance to move up the standings in the next three weeks and each game should be considered a must-win. All three games are within the conference, where the Bills sit at 2-4.

Team Record Conference Record
1. New England Patriots 7-2 5-2
2. Denver Broncos 7-2 5-1
3. Indianapolis Colts 6-3 5-2
4. Cleveland Browns 6-3 4-3
5. Kansas City Chiefs 6-3 5-2
6. Cincinnati Bengals 5-3-1 4-3
7. Pittsburgh Steelers 6-4 5-3
8. Baltimore Ravens 6-4 3-4
9. San Diego Chargers 5-4 4-3
10. Buffalo Bills 5-4 2-4
11. Miami Dolphins 5-4 4-2

The Buffalo Bills really needed a win against the Kansas City Chiefs to be taken a little more seriously in the AFC playoff picture. The loss moved the Bills to 2-4 in the conference. Losing to the Chiefs doesn't eliminate Buffalo from the playoff picture by any means, but the Bills must win their next three games.

Currently, the Bills find themselves in tenth place among their AFC peers. The Bills will take on the Miami Dolphins, New York Jets and Cleveland Browns in their next three games. Going 3-0 will obviously help their overall record, but it'll also move them to 5-4 in the conference. Buffalo has defeated the Dolphins in three consecutive contests and the Jets in their last two matchups. The Browns defeated the Bills in 2013, but Buffalo has won two of the last three contests. All three games are winnable but another conference loss in November would make it very difficult for the Bills going forward.

Head-to-head wins is the first step in deciding Wild Card teams, and the Bills already have losses to the Chiefs and Chargers. Earning victories over fellow contenders like the Dolphins and Browns is a must. After head-to-head wins, conference wins comes next. At 2-4, the Bills are clearly in a hole. They'll need to worry about themselves first and foremost, but also hope that some of the teams ahead of them stumble in conference play.

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