Bills/Jets to be Moved to Monday Night?

The Buffalo Bills and New York Jets may have to wait until Monday to play their Week 12 game. A large amount of snow has prevented the Bills from practicing and meeting. The NFL will have to make a decision on the game.

Are you ready for some football? Buffalo Bills fans are always ready, but they may have to wait until Monday night to see the Bills take on the New York Jets.

Due to an unprecedented amount of snowfall, it’s hard to see the game taking place on Sunday. Orchard Park has been hit with four feet of snow. The Bills are looking to have 220,000 tons of snow removed from the stadium and surrounding areas by Sunday. This is a tall task.

The snow has led to other problems as well. A travel ban in the area has players unable to drive. This means that the Bills cannot practice or hold meetings as they prepare to take on New York. The game plan is available for the team to study through the use of their iPads, but practice is obviously needed.

Ultimately, the NFL will have the final say on whether the Bills and Jets take the field on Sunday or if it’s rescheduled for Monday. It’s certainly a situation worth monitoring. 

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