Looking Back at 3 Key Bills/Browns Matchups

Buffalo's dominant defense is the biggest reason why the Bills defeated the Cleveland Browns. The offensive line of the Bills also deserve their share of the credit.

The Buffalo Bills defeated the Cleveland Browns 26-10 on Sunday. The victory was due in large part to a strong defensive effort from the Bills. Leading up to the game, three key matchups were highlighted. How did the Bills fare? Here’s a look at the results.

Matchup of the Week: Bills Offensive Line vs. Browns Defense

Mike Pettine is known for his exotic blitzes and his willingness to blitz at will. Buffalo’s offensive line had improved in regards to pass blocking, but this was still a worrisome matchup on paper. It turned out that there wasn’t anything to worry about.

Buffalo’s offensive line was nothing short of phenomenal against the Browns. The line gave up one sack and two quarterback hurries on Sunday. That’s it! Buffalo kept Kyle Orton upright on Sunday against an aggressive defense. You can’t ask for much more.

In the run game, Buffalo rushed for 106 yards on 30 carries. The 3.5 yards per carry total can certainly be improved upon, but the unit was able to go over 100 yards. The offensive line even blocked a screen pass successfully against the Browns! Fred Jackson took a pass 20 yards down the field on a designed screen. The screen game has been a disaster, so any signs of growth in the screen game is encouraging.

Josh Gordon vs. Stephon Gilmore/Corey Graham

Josh Gordon can win a game on his own. Containing Gordon was certainly a part of Buffalo’s game plan on Sunday. The wide receiver finished with 75 yards on seven receptions. That’s a pretty good stat line for most receivers, but any team going against Gordon and the Browns would sign up for this in a heartbeat. Buffalo kept Gordon out of the end zone and under 100 yards. Stephon Gilmore and Corey Graham did a great job of keeping Gordon in check. It was a big victory for the Bills and a major reason why the Browns only scored 10 points on Sunday.

Marcell Dareus vs. Nick McDonald

 Not much came of this mismatch on Sunday. Nick McDonald struggled on Sunday but only played 19 snaps due to an ankle injury. Marcell Dareus also left Sunday’s game for a period with a hip injury. He played well in his 34 snaps, especially against the run, but wasn’t 100 percent.

The Bills did very well in their three key matchups. Buffalo’s success in the matchup of the week is a big reason that the team is 7-5 and in the playoff hunt entering the final quarter of the season.

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