No Fines for Bills Players Critical of Refs

A few Buffalo Bills were vocal about their feelings towards the referees after their loss to the Denver Broncos. No one ended up being fined.

No Buffalo Bills were fined for their actions or comments following their Week 14 game with the Denver Broncos. Certain Buffalo players felt that they were battling the referees in addition to Denver on Sunday.

Following a defensive pass interference flag on Stephon Gilmore, Jerry Hughes voiced his opinion to a referee. In turn, he was called for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Nigel Bradham said that Hughes simply told the referee that it was a bad call. 

Gilmore spoke on the play and said, "He said I hit him early, but I don't think I hit him early," Gilmore said. "One of the refs said it looked good to him but another ref said, the one that called it, said it wasn't good. So it is what it is."

Safety Aaron Williams took to Twitter following the game. He posted a video of two referees fist bumping and said, "No excuse for my performance but can't win playing 16 on 11 thought I seen it all Smh."

Nickell Robey was also critical of the referees after the game due to an illegal contact penalty. Replays showed Gilmore had terrific coverage and that the flag may have been intended for Williams. Robey said the following on the penalty:

"They didn't even explain it. I think it was a good play. I don't know where the contact came in at. I thought I hit him within the five-yard range. I didn't make that much contact...I didn't even think the flag was on me. I thought it was on somebody else." 

The Broncos game is a closed chapter for the Bills. With three weeks remaining in the season, Buffalo needs to focus on the opponents they have left.

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