Bills to go All-Blue Versus Packers

The Buffalo Bills are going with a look that "players and fans asked for" on Sunday. For the first time since unveiling their latest uniforms, the Bills will go all-blue against the Green Bay Packers.

Look good, play good? 

The Buffalo Bills are doing something for the first time in their current uniforms. The team is wearing all blue on Sunday when they take on the Green Bay Packers

Buffalo's current uniforms were introduced in 2011. Since that time, the Bills have never gone mono-blue. One of the Buffalo Bills' Twitter accounts, @billsequipment, noted that "players and fans asked for it." 

Wearing all blue was a common sight in Buffalo's previous uniforms, worn from 2002-2010, but this Sunday will be a first for the team. Bills fans can only hope that the team moves to 1-0 when they're mono-blue.

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