Bill Polian Refutes Bills Return Report

If Bill Polian plans on working for the Buffalo Bills, he's hiding it well. Polian refuted a PFT report that he'll be returning to the Bills organization.

Bill Polian returning to Buffalo? That's news to him. Vic Carucci of The Buffalo News was able to get a hold of Polian and the former Bills GM refuted Mike Florio's report.

"Its about as wrong as can be," Polian told The Buffalo News. "I'm not going to work for anybody Monday morning except ESPN."

Polian noted that the rumor of him working with the Buffalo Bills have been floating around since the Pegulas purchased the team. It seems as though he has no intentions of leaving his current position with ESPN.

"I heave steadfastly refused, throughout my career, to deal with rumors and I continue to do so to this day," Polian said. "This much is certain: I will be working tomorrow for ESPN and next week and the weeks thereafter for ESPN." 

Polian sounded pretty confident that he wouldn't be returning to work with the Bills. If anyone would know, it'd be him.

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