Bill Polian Dances Around Buffalo Bills Rumor

If Bill Polian isn't returning to the Buffalo Bills, he's making it hard for some people to believe. Polian danced around the rumor on SiriusXM NFL Radio's Late Hits on Monday night.

If Bill Polian wants the Buffalo Bills rumors to end, he should probably be a bit more direct in his responses. On Monday night, Polian appeared on SiriusXM NFL Radio's Late Hits and said the following on the rumor:

"Well, I guess the easiest way to deal with it is to say that the story said that I would at the Bills today and I'm here so that makes it a non-story. This is a rumor that's been floating around Buffalo since the team was sold. Um, I don't address rumors. Never have, never will because they're all hypothetical and many of them, the vast majority are based in nothing but fantasy but I'll repeat: I'm here and not there so what more is there to say? And I'll be on ESPN this weekend." 

Polian danced around the issue beautifully. Instead of being direct and saying there was no truth to the rumor, Polian mentioned that he's on the radio and will be on ESPN this weekend. That said, it doesn't mean that he won't be hired by the Bills at some point this offseason. 

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