Monday Bills Musings: Crazy Week at OBD

In the last week, Kyle Orton retired, Doug Marrone opted out of his contract and Bill Polian decided to stay at ESPN rather than rejoin the Bills in a football czar role. It's been a wild and crazy week at One Bills Drive.

A Crazy Week at One Bills Drive

We got no head coach. We got no football czar. OUR PETS HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!

The 2014 Buffalo Bills finished 9-7 but the 2015 team is entering the great unknown. On New Year’s Eve, Doug Marrone opted out of his contract with the Bills. It’s hard to blame Marrone as he was given four million dollars on his way out the door. If he lands a head coaching job elsewhere, the rich will just get richer. Even if Marrone misses out on a head coaching position, he’ll sit at home in 2015 with four million dollars in his bank account.

Had the former head coach taken his money and gone quietly, the Marrone era would be over and done with. Instead, Marrone reportedly bad mouthed the Bills organization on his way out the door. Marrone apparently had tension with GM Doug Whaley and a few others in the front office. That happens in the workplace, but airing dirty laundry is certainly frowned upon. Marrone supposedly called Bill Polian and told him about problems within the organization. Polian was set to join the Bills as an advisor/football czar, but he ended up backing out of the position and staying at ESPN. There’s a good chance Marrone’s chat had something to do with this.

Polian cited that the work load became too much with Marrone leaving and Kyle Orton retiring for him to take the job. That may be true, but one has to wonder how much Marrone’s talk influenced his decision.

As for Marrone? He’s feeling the heat himself. Manish Mehta of New York Daily News wrote an article on Marrone that shed him in a negative light. Today, Bob Casullo, a former assistant head coach at Syracuse with Marrone, bashed the former head coach of the Bills.

Random Musings

 -Kyle Orton’s retirement was a blessing in disguise. The Bills need a long-term answer at quarterback and Orton certainly was not the man in that respect. In 2015, E.J. Manuel will get an opportunity to compete for the job. There’s no telling who his competition will be, but hopefully it’ll be another player who could be a long-term solution.

-The Bills have set up interviews with many of the top candidates on the market (Gase, Quinn, Bevell, Hamilton and Reich), a few surprises (Shanahan and Shurmur), and former head coaches (Hue Jackson, Mike Shanahan). Rex Ryan is possibly in line to receive an interview as well. That said, the best option for the Bills may be a former head coach currently on their roster. Jim Schwartz had a terrific year as Buffalo’s defensive coordinator and has earned the opportunity to win the job.

-Fred Jackson gave Schwartz a vote of confidence on Monday when calling into a local radio show. He also mentioned that former head coach Doug Marrone was very conservative and prevented Nathaniel Hackett from being aggressive in terms of play calling.

-At one point, it seemed like C.J. Spiller was a goner in 2015. That said, Buffalo’s next head coach could go a long way in seeing the back return to Buffalo. Coming back to work with a creative offensive coach could raise Spiller’s stock long-term.

-The national media makes it seem like Buffalo is the worst coaching job on the market. Yes, the team doesn’t have a franchise quarterback or a first round pick, but Buffalo has a top five defense and a young and talented wide receiver duo. The squad also has plenty of cap space for free agency. Buffalo isn’t far away, regardless of what the national media says.


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