Doug Marrone's No Good, Very Bad Day

A lot can change in 15 days. Just ask Doug Marrone.

A lot can change in 15 days. It was 15 days ago that Doug Marrone literally took the money and ran. Marrone had just led the Buffalo Bills to their first winning season since 2004 and had the opportunity to opt out of his contract. Not only could Marrone opt out of his contract, he could take $4 million for free. There's no doubt that Marrone's agent told him that he'd be a hot commodity on the coaching market and he'd have an extra $4 million in his bank account. Marrone opted out and was instantly linked to the New York Jets head coaching job.

A lot can change in 15 days. January 14th was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day for Marrone. At One Bills Drive, the Bills welcomed new head coach Rex Ryan. The 18th head coach of the Bills took a shot at Marrone in his introductory press conference when talking about loyalty.

"This is the most loyal fan base in the National Football League, and we recognize that. With that being said, this fan base, the loyalty that they show this football team, deserves a loyal coach and deserves loyal players. That's what we're bringing. Nobody is more loyal than me as a football coach. I can tell you that."

I'm pretty sure you could find that jab in the paragraph, but it's bolded just in case. Ryan wasn't the only person to take a shot at Marrone today. Fred Jackson was asked if Ryan was an upgrade over Marrone. His response?

"Well, you've got to believe that. We feel like we got better at the head coaching position." Jackson continued, "We have a coach coming in here who wants to win, who's proven himself as a coach that can win. You've got to feel like you've gotten better."

The Bills moved on from Marrone and they clearly feel like they've upgraded.

What about New York? Marrone was the favorite to land the Jets job after he opted out. A lot can change in 15 days. Today, the Jets named Todd Bowles as their head coach. 

There are still openings available in the NFL. Marrone has interviewed with the Bears and Falcons, but he's far from the favorite in either spot. Maybe Marrone gets a head coaching job in 2015, but it's not looking likely.

Even Marrone realizes that his opportunities are drying up. Today, Marrone interviewed with the Jacksonville Jaguars for their offensive coordinator opening. He apparently also has an offer on the table to be a consultant for the Houston Texans. Either job would be a significant downgrade.

Marrone may have an extra $4 million in the bank, but this clearly isn't what he envisioned when he walked out on the Buffalo Bills. A lot can change in 15 days. Just ask Doug Marrone.

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