Rex Ryan Q&A with Jets Insider's Sean Deegan

Sean Deegan is very familiar with Rex Ryan. The publisher of took the time to answer six questions about new Bills head coach Rex Ryan, DC Dennis Thurman, Jets free agents and more.

1. How much of the blame did Rex Ryan deserve for the Jets record and struggles in 2014?

Sean Deegan: Rex was handcuffed by the GM not restocking certain areas of weakness (Defensive backs, WR) but he deserves a good deal of blame for repeated in game mistakes (clock management, sloppy game management leading to burned time outs, etc) and his hands-off handling of the offense. If he takes the same approach in Buffalo and doesn’t become a more well-rounded head coach, his time up there could be short. I hope he’s learned from his mistakes. 

2. Buffalo Bills fans are very familiar with Ryan, but tell us what we can expect out of him as a head coach in terms of in-game coaching, relationships with players, etc.

SD: Rex’s players always play hard for him and that’s why he lasted 4 years without a playoff appearance. As mentioned above though, he needs improvement on his in game coaching. 

3. Do you believe that Rex Ryan will help the Bills attract free agents based upon his persona of being a player's coach?

SD: Perhaps some players he has a history with. However, based on my experience over the years, most player’s allegiance is to the mighty dollar. 

4. Which Jets free agents could you see Ryan pursue? 

SD: LB’s David Harris, Calvin Pace, CB Antonio Cromartie and Darrelle Revis are players to keep an eye on that Ryan May target. 

5. As the dust settles, it appears that Jim Schwartz will be leaving the Bills. Can you tell us about Dennis Thurman and what we can expect from him as defensive coordinator?

SD: Thurman is a loyal disciple of Ryan and despite his title of DC don’t think for a minute that Rex isn’t calling each defensive play. 

6. Last, compared to Rex Ryan's offensive coordinator's during his tenure in New York, what do you think of the Greg Roman hire?

SD: I like the Roman hire. I think he’s talented and an improvement over Marty Mornhinweg. Certainly better than any OC the Jets had during Ryan’s tenure here. Based on what he did with Kaepernick I think it bodes well for E.J. Manuel improving his game. 

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