NYS Study: 4 Potential Bills Stadium Sites

New York State had a study done to look at potential sites for a new stadium for the Buffalo Bills. The study lists three downtown areas, as well as a fourth option: modernizing Ralph Wilson Stadium. Here's a look at the four potential sites.

A report commissioned by New York State focusing on new stadiums for the Buffalo Bills was recently released. AECOM, an architectual consulting firm out of Los Angeles, made the following four site recommendations for Buffalo's next stadium:

  • Cobblestone District
  • Exchange Street
  • South Park
  • Orchard Park

Jerry Zremski of The Buffalo News discussed the four locations in-depth (LINK HERE). Here is a brief look at each location.

-Cobblestone District: A stadium in this location would most likely need to be domed due to natural lighting. AECOM's study revealed a domed stadium here would cost close to $787.6 million. This location is closest to downtown Buffalo, where the First Niagara Center and the HarborCenter are located. This area is already known as "Pegulaville," thanks to the Pegulas development of said HarborCenter.

-Exchange Street: A domed stadium here would cost $784.6 million. The AECOM report listed this site location as the most accessible of the urban sites. This location is close to Coca-Cola Field, home of the Buffalo Bisons, a Triple A affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays.

-South Park: A domed stadium in the South Park district would cost $911.9 million. The reason listed for the elevated cost here is due to higher site development costs according to the report. This is the largest of the potential sites, but it's also the furthest away from downtown parking lots in Buffalo.

Costs for a stadium at Exchange Street and South Park would be reduced by about $188.6 million if Buffalo opted for an open-air stadium.

-Orchard Park: This would be the cheapest option and it's the current home to the Bills. Modernizing Ralph Wilson Stadium would cost $554.9 million. Zremski's article stated that the seating bowl would have to be replaced, premium seating areas would need updating, the upper deck structures would need to be rebuilt and more.

It's important to remember that AECOM's study is just that, a study. It wasn't done by the Pegula family or the NFL. This was done strictly by New York State. To learn more about the potential sites, make sure to click the link above and read Zremski's article on the study. 

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