Bills Musings: I've Seen A Better Comeback

No disrespect to the Seattle Seahawks, but erasing a 16 point deficit isn't that impressive. How about doubling that amount? Now THAT'S impressive.

You Call That A Comeback?

The Seattle Seahawks showed a flair for the dramatic on Sunday, but let's not kid ourselves. Their comeback wasn't much of a comeback. Sixteen points down? That's cute. Try coming back from 32 points... with your backup quarterback.

Shortly after Seattle pulled out a 28-22 victory over the Green Bay Packers, Mark Schlereth of ESPN sent out the following tweet:

"Most unbelievable playoff come back I think I have ever witnessed."

Now, I'll give Schlereth the benefit of the doubt. Most unbelievable doesn't necessarily mean the greatest comeback of all time. That said, Seattle's comeback over Green Bay pales in comparison to the Buffalo Bills comeback victory over the Houston Oilers.

Yes, 15 points in 44 seconds is impressive. No one would ever dispute that. Especially since Russell Wilson and the Seahawks offense looked pretty bad through three quarters. Heck, their punter had more touchdown passes than Wilson entering the fourth quarter. After Wilson's touchdown run, Seattle was also able to recover an onside kick. More times than not, the hands team recovers. If that would have happened on Sunday, there's a good chance that the game would have ended with the Packers being victorious. The Seahawks even showed composure after the Packers tied the game late. In overtime, Seattle's touchdown scoring drive was a thing of beauty. Nothing should be taken away from their victory. It was impressive.

However, it wasn't close to the comeback that the Bills performed over the Oilers on January 3, 1993. The Bills fell into a 35-3 hole early in the third quarter, only to see their backup quarterback, Frank Reich, lead them back. I'll spare you the specifics, but Reich and the Bills scored 28 points in the third quarter to cut the lead to 35-31. In the course of the comeback, the Bills recovered an onside kick and eventually took a 38-35 lead. Much like the Seahawks, Buffalo couldn't hold their lead and Houston's late field goal sent the game into overtime where the Bills won on a Steve Christie field goal.

The Bills comeback and the Seahawks comeback actually have quite a few similarities, but numbers don't lie. A 32 point comeback will always be better than a 16 point comeback. 

Random Musings

-The New England Patriots have been a dominant force in the AFC for quite some time. Would Bills fans be okay with seeing Tom Brady hoist the Lombardi Trophy this year if it meant he'd ride into the sunset? It's a question I've asked myself many times in the last few years. Personally? I'm on the fence. When Brady retires, the AFC East becomes a wide-open division. No offense to the brilliance of Bill Belichick, but Brady is the reason for their dominance. When he goes, Buffalo's path to the playoffs becomes significantly easier. However, there's something to be said about seeing the Bills win the division over a Patriots team led by Brady. It'd be more fulfilling to win the division if Brady was still a part of it, that's for sure. I'm undecided, but my friend, Mike Sullivan, is all for it. Read about it here, and see why Brady retiring after this season isn't as far fetched as many believe. 

-The Bills officially added David Lee as their quarterbacks coach on Monday. Bills and Jets fans have bashed the move, but is it really fair? Since 2012, Lee has worked with Ryan Fitzpatrick, Geno Smith and Michael Vick. Let's remember that his job isn't to turn average quarterbacks in Aaron Rodgers. Rather, he's there to work on mechanics with his quarterbacks.

-Should the Bills try to re-sign Jerry Hughes? In terms of talent, it's a no-brainer. That said, price comes into the equation as well. Spotrac recently projected that Hughes will get a deal that pays him about $12 million per year. That's an awful lot of an outside linebacker. It's even more expensive when you factor in the talent the Bills already have at the position. It may be best to let Hughes walk and use that money on a top guard and use some of the left order cash elsewhere. 

-One position the Bills should address in free agency that no one is talking about? Wide receiver. Buffalo has a talented pair in Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods and a reliable receiver in Chris Hogan, but the team is pretty thin beyond that. Adding a veteran for depth is something I expect the Bills to do this year.

-Leodis McKelvin is going to benefit significantly with Rex Ryan as head coach. His best season in the league was 2013 under Mike Pettine. Obviously, Pettine ran Ryan's defense and McKelvin thrived as he was able to use his agility and instincts to make numerous plays on the ball. Expect him to return to a high level of play in 2015.

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