Bills Could Open Season on TNF

Could the Bills open the 2015 season against the Patriots on Thursday Night Football? It's certainly a possibility, especially with Rex Ryan as Buffalo's head coach.

Could the Buffalo Bills open the 2015 season on Thursday Night Football? It's a possibility.

While there is no actual rule in place, the defending Super Bowl champion generally gets the opening game of the season at home on Thursday Night Football. In 2015, the New England Patriots host the following teams at home: Bills, Dolphins, Jets, Jaguars, Titans, Eagles, Redskins and Steelers. 

The Jets, Jaguars, Titans and Redskins probably aren't realistic possibilities to open the NFL season, so that leaves the Dolphins, Eagles, Steelers and Bills.

Miami is a possibility as they opened the 2014 season against the Patriots and upset New England 33-20. Being in the same division also helps Miami's case.

Philadelphia is the only NFC possibility due to their competitiveness under Chip Kelly. In his two seasons as Eagles head coach, Kelly has led the Eagles to a 20-12 record. Philadelphia's creative offense vs. the Patriots defense is probably also intriguing to the NFL.

The Steelers are probably the most obvious choice to play New England. Both franchises have been extremely successful and the Ben Roethlisberger/Tom Brady storyline is most appealing in terms of a quarterback matchup.

Last, the Bills remain a viable option to open the season against the Patriots. Buffalo was the last team to beat New England, albeit against backups for about half of the game, The two teams finished first and second in the AFC East in 2014 and the Bills brought in Rex Ryan as head coach. During Ryan's tenure as Jets head coach, New England and New York played one prime time game every season from 2010-2014. Yes, New York's market certainly played a role in the primetime matchups, but Ryan also played a part in the Jets/Patriots rivalry. Ryan's addition to the Bills will certainly help Buffalo get national exposure and that could start as early as Week 1 in 2015.

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