Bills Fans Feel for You, Seattle

Seattle Seahawks fans should probably be celebrating back-to-back championships, but a terrible play call from Pete Carroll and Darrell Bevell ended Seattle's chances. The game was heartbreaking for Seahawks fans, and Bills fans know all about heartbreak. Welcome to the Heartbreak Hotel, Seattle.

Welcome to the Heartbreak Hotel, Seahawks fans. 

Buffalo Bills fans feel your pain right now. We know about devastating playoff losses. Look no further than the Music City Miracle. Lorenzo Neal, Frank Wycheck, and Kevin Dyson are akin to Voldemort in my household. I cringe when I hear their names. They shall not be named. I'll go to my grave saying that play was an illegal forward pass and nothing will ever change my opinion. It wasn't the Super Bowl, but this game stings as I truly believe Buffalo would have gone to the Super Bowl that season behind their defense. No one cheered louder when Kevin Dyson was tackled one yard short of the end zone in Super Bowl XXXIV. The biggest reason it still stings to this day? It was the last time the Bills have appeared in the playoffs. This isn't quite the same as the heartbreaking moment didn't happen in the Super Bowl.

Bills fans know Super Bowl heartbreak though, Seattle fans. Buffalo famously went to four consecutive Super Bowls and lost them all. The last three Super Bowls weren't too competitive, but Buffalo found themselves with a chance to win Super Bowl XXV. In a 20-19 game, the Bills were able to get into field goal range with eight seconds left in the game. Their kicker, Scott Norwood, would be asked to kick a 47 yard field goal for the win. As everyone knows, the kick sailed "wide right" and devastated Bills fans. 

We feel your pain, Seattle. Pete Carroll and Darrell Bevell probably made the worst call in Super Bowl history. Instead of handing the ball to one of the best backs in the league, Seattle got cute with the ball. The play design wasn't bad and it took a great play by Malcolm Butler, but common sense should have prevailed. Regardless of what defense the Patriots had on the field, the Seahawks should have run the ball. If Seattle had done so, you very well could be celebrating back-to-back championships.

Bills fans certainly feel your pain, but at least you have last year's championship.

Random Thoughts

-Should the Bills bring in a veteran wide receiver? They tried to go that route this year with Mike Williams, but the Williams/Marrone relationship didn't work out. If Reggie Wayne decides to play for another team (Wayne has said that the Colts are the only team he'll play for), the Bills should give him a call. Buffalo would benefit by bringing in a veteran like Wayne to mentor Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods.

-Buffalo has three running backs under contract next season, but Fred Jackson and Bryce Brown can leave after 2015. Anthony Dixon is only under contract through 2016. The Bills aren't likely to add a running back in free agency, but don't be surprised if they add one in free agency.

-Clive Walford has been a popular mock draft choice for the Bills. I'd certainly be all for adding the athletic tight end. Buffalo already has Scott Chandler, MarQueis Gray and Chris Gragg under contract in 2015, but he's an option due to his playmaking ability. Tight end is one position that the Bills have ignored for a good portion of their history. Fun fact: The team has never had an NFL Pro Bowl player at the position.

-Is Darrelle Revis a realistic option at cornerback for the Bills? Buffalo will have the money if Revis' option isn't picked up by the Patriots, but cornerback isn't exactly a pressing need for the team. Stephon Gilmore, Corey Graham, Leodis McKelvin and Nickell Robey are all solid options. Buffalo also has Ron Brooks and Ross Cockrell waiting in the wings. Revis is one of the best corners in the league and he'd shut down half of the field, but Buffalo could probably use the money to upgrade in other areas,

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