Clayton: Bills a Wild Card Contender in 2015

John Clayton thinks the Buffalo Bills could contend for a Wild Card spot in 2015. Clayton credited Buffalo's recent draft classes and Rex Ryan as two reasons why the team may be in the playoffs this season.

ESPN's John Clayton appeared on The John Murphy Show and thinks the Buffalo Bills are in good shape heading into 2015.

When asked if the Bills are a playoff contender in 2015, Clayton said, "A contender for a Wild Card, yes." 

Clayton said that one reason the Bills could compete for a Wild Card spot is due to their drafting in the last few seasons.

"When you look at the Bills draft the last couple of years, that's all been solid. The key to the NFL since 2011 is getting two and three starters out of each draft. This team has been doing that." 

One other reason that Clayton sees the Bills as a potential playoff team? Head coach Rex Ryan

"I think Doug Marrone did a very good job coaching this team and making it better, but you can argue that maybe getting Rex Ryan is a little bit of an upgrade. That's encouraging too."

Buffalo is coming off of a 9-7 finish to their 2014 season and will be relying on their defense to have another spectacular season. If the team does this and improves their offensive line, the playoffs are certainly a realistic possibility in 2015. The entire interview with Clayton can be heard here: John Clayton on The John Murphy Show

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