Opinion: Spiller Not Worth Re-Signing

C.J. Spiller is a talented running back, but he's picked a bad year to hit free agency. There's plenty of running back talent to be had in free agency and the NFL draft.

C.J. Spiller wants to return to the Buffalo Bills in 2015, but he said that decision is up to the team. 

In a radio appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio, the back mentioned that the Bills know that Spiller wants to return. 

“There’s a possibility that I could be in a Bills uniform,” Spiller said. “We never know how this situation is going to play out. The organization knows that I want to be there, so pretty much the ball is in their court."

While it's nice that Spiller wants to return, but is he worth re-signing?

Recently, GM Doug Whaley mentioned that there was a significant gap between the Bills and Spiller in terms of salary. Buffalo has no reason to budge as Whaley and the Bills have all the leverage in negotiations.

The Bills have a bit of an unknown in Bryce Brown, but the back has shown explosiveness in his limited NFL career. Besides Brown, the free agent market has plenty of backs with a similar skill-set to Spiller. Chris Johnson and Reggie Bush are veterans with similar skill-sets and a player like Shane Vereen may be cheaper and more valuable due to his receiving ability. Want players coming off of huge years? Look no further than backs like DeMarco Murray and Justin Forsett. What if Greg Roman wants a bruising back? Mark Ingram is an option. Frank Gore, who had plenty of success with Roman, is also on the market. Simply put, there are A LOT of talented running backs hitting free agency this offseason.

In addition to free agency, this year's draft class is also extremely deep at running back. The draft class is loaded with players like Todd Gurley, Marvin Gordon, Jay Ajayi, Tevin Coleman, Duke Johnson and Ameer Abdullah among others. There's no need for the Bills, or any team, to overspend on a running back in free agency. These days, backs are a dime a dozen and very replaceable. 

Also working against Spiller is the fact that he's coming off of his worst season as a pro since his rookie year. The back finished the year with 300 yards rushing on 78 carries. A broken collarbone kept Spiller out of action from Week 8-Week 15. He's battled injuries throughout his career and his ability to stay healthy can be questioned.

There is no reason for Buffalo to bring Spiller back in 2015. There are better options available both in free agency and the draft. The ball is in Buffalo's court and if they're smart, they'll take their ball and go home.

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