Spiller: Manuel Needs to "Demand Everything"

C.J. Spiller believes that EJ Manuel learned quite a bit from Kyle Orton in 2014. The running back believes that Manuel now understands that he can't be 'buddy buddy' with his teammates and that he needs to demand everything from them.

C.J.Spiller appeared on NFL AM on the NFL Network to discuss his future as he prepares to hit free agency. During the appearance, the conversation changed to Buffalo Bills quarterback E.J. Manuel. Spiller noted that Manuel's benching in favor of Kyle Orton taught the young quarterback about relationships with players.

"He learned that you can't be buddy buddy with everybody," Spiller said. "You're the face of the franchise, you're the quarterback so you have to demand everything. ... I think early on he didn't really didn't understand how to step on guys' toes. Once Kyle took over, he saw what Kyle did and it helped him.

Spiller certainly wasn’t bashing Manuel by any means. In fact, the running back had plenty of praise for Manuel.

"He's a tremendous worker. The guy comes to work every day, prepares unbelievably. He's in there first, last one to leave, so he has all that stuff. It was just that buddy buddy. You know how it is, you come in with some guys in your draft and you don't really want to step on their toes. As I told him 'You're the quarterback you have to (step on guys' toes)' and I think he learned that."

Stepping on toes isn’t all that Manuel learned from Orton. At the end of the 2014 season, Manuel noted that Orton taught him quite a bit in regards to film study.

“Just the film study during the week, compartmentalizing the thing and not wasting any time in the film room,” Manuel said. “A lot of times you get caught up watching things in the film room that may not necessarily be important to your game plan. I think that’s one of the things I learned from him.”

Manuel will be given an opportunity to show just how much he learned from Orton in 2015. The Bills will certainly add at least one veteran quarterback, but there aren’t any players available that are seen as a definite upgrade over Manuel. 

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