Kouandjio Working Hard to Breakout in 2015

Cyrus Kouandjio isn't going to let a disappointing rookie season get the best of him. In an interview with John Murphy, Kouandjio discussed what he's been doing since the 2014 season ended.

Cyrus Kouandjio's rookie season could be summed up in one word: Disappointing. In an appearance on the John Murphy Show, the Buffalo Bills' second round pick of the 2014 draft agreed.

"You have to be disappointed, this is my profession; this is what I do. I’m changing it,” said Kouandjio

Kouandjio is doing this by spending his offseason at the LeCharles Bentley Offensive Line Performance Training Center. Bentley played from 2002-2005 with the New Orleans Saints and now runs the only offensive line training center. Bentley has worked with Larry Warford, Alex Boone, Bobby Massie, Mitchell Schwartz, and Max Starks among others. When Murphy asked Kouandjio about the training center, Kouandjio responded with the following:

“This is all offensive linemen work,” Kouandjio said this week, in an appearance on The John Murphy Show. “I’m training with all offensive linemen. All we do is offensive line drills, we don’t waste time out here. All we do are offensive line related exercises.”

The lineman has spent the last nine weeks at the training facility and plans to stay there until football season rolls around.

“I’m going to stay here until I have to report. We work six days a week, take Sundays off. A really strict diet. You’re surrounded by people who are like-minded in what they want to do in their lives. It’s a really positive environment. I like it.”

When asked why his rookie season didn’t pan out, Kouandjio believed it had to do with his mindset.

“I think a lot of the problem was my mindset,” he says. “I didn’t exactly have a strong mindset coming into the NFL. That’s one of the things I get to improve on for next season. I could have started off stronger. Shoot, thank God there’s always another year.”

Kouandjio is only 21 years old and there is still plenty of time for him to breakout in the NFL. In his second season, Kouandjio will get a fresh start in Greg Roman’s offense. Roman will be looking for maulers along his offensive line and if his hard work pays off, Kouandjio could emerge in his sophomore season at offensive guard or tackle. 

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