Jerry Hughes Comments on Staying in Buffalo

Jerry Hughes met with Buffalo media after signing his five year deal. Here are a few snippets from the press conference. The full transcript can be found at

Jerry Hughes met with the media on Monday after re-signing with the Buffalo Bills. Below are some statements from Hughes on re-signing with Buffalo. The full transcript can be read on Buffalo’s team website: Full Jerry Hughes Transcript.

Unfinished Business in Buffalo

We finished 9-7 and we have a lot of unfinished business. With that being said, I wanted to come back with these guys so we could take care of that and get that accomplished. We had a pretty good year last year, but as the year finished up we all sat in our room and we came to the conclusion that we can do better. When you’re on a team where everyone kind of feels that way and when you have that camaraderie, everybody just wanting to win, the willingness to win. When you have that, you want to be a part of that. Also, with Rex Ryan taking over the team, you know what he is bringing to the organization. You know he knows how to get to the playoffs, so you want to be a part of something special. You can kind of lean on that.

Playing for Rex Ryan

Once I found out Rex was taking over the head coaching job, just getting all the text messages from other players saying how great of a coach he is, everyone is going to love him. So you kind of get that feeling from people that aren’t even on the team have respect for him. We know what he is going to bring defense aside, so you know you definitely want to be a part of something great like that.

Buffalo Giving Him a Chance

It’s huge. For Doug Whaley to kind of come about me in the way he did in that trade, showed that someone wanted me. When someone wants you, you want to come back. You want to put your best out there and give it your all. Want to go out and win a couple championships and make it memorable. When someone goes about a trade like that, I definitely want to give it back in full.

What Hughes Told His Agent

More so, make it work in Buffalo. He knew how I felt about the organization and how I felt about the fans. How we still have so much to accomplish here and I’m someone who doesn’t like to leave anything undone. I want to get the job done, so I think he understood that and he realized that so we got it done.

Fans in Buffalo

The fans were great here. I think that was another key thing for me as far as coming back—the fan support that I have always been getting. All of the love and all of the respect. I think that was another part. Just the playing time aspect—that had a lot to do with it. Anytime someone gives you an opportunity to play in the NFL and the way that they gave it to me here, it was great. You don’t want to leave that.


Bills, Jerry Hughes Agree to Five-Year Deal

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