Bills Introduce QB Matt Cassel

Matt Cassel met with the media on Wednesday. The new Bills quarterback had plenty to say about competing for the starting job, mentoring EJ Manuel and the team currently assembled in Buffalo.

Buffalo Bills quarterback Matt Cassel was introduced to the media on Wednesday. A full transcript of his press conference can be viewed at The Buffalo News website: Full Matt Cassel transcript. Here are some of the highlights.

Quarterback Competition

I think I’ve been in this league long enough to know that you have to compete in everything you do. You have to earn every opportunity that you get. I know that there is going to be competition and I know that EJ (Manuel) is here. He is a young, talented player and I expect that there is going to be a competition. Again, you have to go out and earn your opportunity in this league.

Mentoring Manuel

I’ve always taken the approach that first and foremost you are teammates with everybody. We spend a lot of time in the room with each other throughout the course of the year. That relationship has to be solid because you want their support just as much as they want your support when you’re out on the field and playing and doing all that. At the end of the day the coaches are going to pick the guy who they think is going to help them win ball games because that is the only stat that matters. I’ve never been one of those guys that would hope that the other guy doesn’t do well or you hope the worst for somebody. I always try to lift somebody up and I think through competition, everybody becomes better. That’s always been my approach.

Winning Being the Most Important Thing

If we’re winning ball games, that’s what it is all about. I could care less if I throw for 120 yards or 320 yards. I think at the end of the day for everybody here it’s all about the W. We have a great defense, we have great special teams and like you said, we’ve got great skill players as well. I think that the game plan always dictates what we do and I’m going to have to learn the playbook and do all of that first and foremost, but the number one stat that all of us are trying to achieve is a win.

Talent on Offense

Obviously we have a lot of talent with Sammy Watkins, we’ve got (Robert) Woods, and we’ve got LeSean (McCoy). Part of that is now all of us getting here in the offseason and building the camaraderie because I think it’s very important that you build that rapport with those guys and the receivers and work hard because we’re going to have to learn a new playbook. Part of it is learning the new playbook and then building a relationship with those guys.


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