Bills: Getting to Know New FB Jerome Felton

Tim Yotter of Viking Update is very familiar with Jerome Felton. Buffalo's new fullback spent the last three seasons in Minnesota blocking for Adrian Peterson and Yotter believes the fullback is very underrated as a blocker. Here are some of Yotter's thoughts about the fullback who is expected to see plenty of playing time in 2015.

Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Greg Roman utilizes the fullback position. Last season, Roman's fullback in San Francisco, Bruce Miller, saw 473 snaps. There was no doubt that the team was going to add a fullback to their roster in free agency and the Bills wasted little time. Buffalo brought Jerome Felton in for a free agent visit late on Tuesday and by Wednesday the fullback had signed with the Bills. 

Tim Yotter of Viking Update is very familiar with Felton as the fullback spent the last three seasons with the Minnesota Vikings. Yotter believes that the signing makes plenty of sense for the Bills, considering the type of offense they plan on running in 2015. Here's what Bills fans should know about their new fullback.

What should Bills fans know about Felton?

Yotter: To me, Felton has been an underrated blocker since his arrival in Minnesota. It’s not just a coincidence that Adrian Peterson’s 2,097-yard season came in Felton’s first year with the Vikings. In my opinion, he is one of the best blocking fullbacks in the league and a very solid locker-room presence.

It appears he was used primarily as a blocker in Minnesota, but how is he as a runner and pass catcher?

Yotter: He rarely carried the ball and that’s not his strength. He can catch the ball, but he isn’t particularly quick in his routes, so his pass-catching was limited, too. His contention that he wasn’t used much last year is correct. He was used in less than 18 percent of the offensive snaps, but I’m not convinced that was just because Peterson was out for the final 15 games. He didn’t seem to be a very valued part of the offense once Norv Turner took over as offensive coordinator.

How much will LeSean McCoy benefit from Felton’s blocking?

Yotter: Tremendously. Felton just seems to have a great feel for where his assignment will be and how to get to him in the second level. There is no hesitation to initiate contact and hold his block and he will almost never get overpowered, and he doesn’t appear to get off-balance or out of control very often. Once he came to Minnesota, he learned that he has to get to his block quickly or get run over from behind by Peterson. I would assume that will be the case with McCoy, too, where Felton will locate and get to his block as soon as possible and then look for a next-level block as well.

What would you consider Felton’s weaknesses to be?

Yotter: There isn’t a lot of versatility there. If you are looking for an excellent lead blocker or someone who is pretty good in picking up blitzes, those are Felton’s strengths. If you are looking for someone to pose a threat out of the backfield with the ball in his hands, that’s not something he did often.

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