Jim Kelly Maxwell Awards Press Conference

Jim Kelly will be honored at the Maxwell Football Club's Awards Gala on Friday. The quarterback will receive the Tom Brookshier Spirit Award for overcoming adversity. Earlier today, Kelly held a press conference. Here is the full transcript.

Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly will be honored Friday night at the 78th annual Maxwell Football Club's Awards Gala. Kelly will be the recipient of the Tom Brookshier Spirit Award and will be presented the award tonight from the Tropicana in Atlantic City. 

Andre Reed will present the award to his former quarterback. Kelly, a cancer survivor, is being honored for overcoming adversity. Earlier today, Kelly took part in a press conference on a variety of subjects. Here is the full transcript:


On being honored by the Maxwell Football Club:

“It’s awesome because it’s very humbling because when you receive an award like this, they look at the situation you’ve been through, the part I tried to explain to everybody it’s not about me, it’s about what you do for others and how you impact other people. At the beginning, not just because of this award, but when I was going through tough times, I always had to stay focused on how this will have an impact on others especially kids. Talking with my wife and my family, the bottom line is who you surround yourself with and the people around you. I’ve always had positive people with positive thoughts and feelings and comments towards me and when you have people speaking positive around you only good things come out. I’m here today because of the support, the prayers and all the well wishes I’ve gotten from so many people, it’s humbling to come talk to the coaches like coach Arians and Jaworski who I saw many times and looked up to it’s just a fun night.”

On if it’s more important what you players do off the field than what they do it on the field?

“Well you know what, what you do on the field propels you to do great things off the field, but the key is on the field you’re only as good as the people around you and off the field you’re only good as the people you have around you. Surround yourself with good people and good things will happen to.  My old saying is ‘Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.’ And your future is not very bright if you hang out with the wrong people and when you’re on the football  field you need great people around you to get to the top, so it works hand and hand.”

On how excited he is to see Marcus Mariota compete at the Pro Level

“I like seeing who he goes to and unfortunately for him usually when you go number 1 or 2 or the top 5 you go to a team that is not very good and it takes a little time to develop. He seems like a quarterback who has his wits about him. He’s very smart. He seems like a good kid. That’s a good start, but you have to be able to do it on the field. I see all the intangibles that you need to have to be a great quarterback and I look forward to it and hope he is one because this league needs some great quarterbacks.”

On his first impressions of Buffalo Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan

“He’s awesome. He tells it like it is. When he talks people listen. As well as you know that. What he wants to do is bring winning back to Buffalo. The fan support is amazing and we haven’t had a playoff team in what 15 years and we still sellout the majority of our games.  They’re hungry for it, we got a great nucleus, but our biggest key is we’ll see what happens with Matt Cassell and E.J. Manuel. That is the key to our success, how our quarterback plays. I hope one or the other comes in tough because we need it.”

On the Buffalo Bills Quarterback Situation

“Number one they’re both coming in even because it’s a new coaching staff.  I think it’s a plus for EJ that he’s been able to be around the players a little bit, but Matt’s a pretty good player too. To me they’re both good people, EJ is a great leader. I saw what he was able to do off the field talking to players and it was unbelievable, and now he’s got to do it on the field. I hope he does well. I know Matt too. For me to pull for one or the other I can’t because I know them both and I think they’re both good players, but I hope one steps up and becomes a leader and the quarterback who they want.”

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