Greg Roman on the Bills Offense

Greg Roman has plenty of weapons at his disposal in Buffalo. Today, Roman talked about some of the team's new additions, the quarterback competition and the type of offense the Bills will run in 2015.

Greg Roman met with the media on Monday. The offensive coordinator of the Buffalo Bills sounds very excited about the team’s offense after an active free agency period. Below are highlights of Roman’s comments about Buffalo’s offensive players.

LeSean McCoy

“He’s been aces, he’s been great. He really has the whole offense. LeSean is a dynamic guy and he’s going to end up, when it’s all said and done, running to daylight and that’s what I like.”

Percy Harvin

“Percy is a world class athlete that’s a very tough, physical, strong football player that we envision being a big factor for us at the receiver position. And I personally think his best days are ahead of him as a receiver, down-in and down-out. Now, his skill set and his skills and his abilities, they can let your imagination go.” 

Charles Clay

“Well I think tight ends are like running backs in the sense that they’re all very unique and they all have a different style. I think Charles has shown that he’s a very multi-dimensional type player, and he can function at a high level in the run game and in the passing game.”

Quarterback Competition

“Everyone will have a chance to work with the first team and everybody’s going to have ample opportunity to put their best foot forward.”

Buffalo’s Offense

“It’s something that we want to be multi-dimensional, but we want to be physical. We want to be a balanced problem for people. We don’t want them to say, ‘Hey, all we have to do is stop this guy, or double this guy, or overload this side of the line.’ We want 11 men out there that could impact that game. So, we want to really start with balance.”

Roman’s full transcript can be read here: Greg Roman and Dennis Thurman Transcript

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