Fred Jackson & Rex Ryan Talk Accountability

Rex Ryan already addressed Jace Amaro's comments but Fred Jackson gave his input recently. On Saturday, Ryan addressed the comments again with Kim Jones.

Jace Amaro said the 2014 New York Jets lacked accountability on SiriusXM Radio. Buffalo Bills running back Fred Jackson recently addressed the topic and defended his head coach. Rex Ryan already addressed the comments once, but he addressed the accountability comment again on Saturday.

Jackson told Matthew Fairburn of that the Bills will show how accountable they are this season.

"We'll make sure that the tone is set on the football field," Jackson said. "We'll show who's accountable when we show up to play them on Sunday.

"I'll tell you what. It's going to be a fun game when we play those guys. I'm looking forward to it."

 Ryan’s personality is certainly rubbing off on his players.

The Bills head coach already spoke to Jenny Vrentas about his thoughts on Amaro’s comments but he continued to talk about it on Saturday. Ryan did an interview with Kim Jones on WFAN-AM and provided the highlights of Ryan’s comments towards the Jets tight end on accountability.

"It's not the truth," Ryan said. "That kid's a little ... he's going to get ... we'll see what happens.

"I just know it's not the truth, and for him or anybody else to pop off like that, I think is absolutely a joke. Now, look, if David Harris would have said something, or D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Nick Mangold, or someone, I would be hurt by it. I would be absolutely devastated by it. But a kid like that? Nah. I know him, and that doesn't bother me one bit."

Don’t look for Amaro to respond. After Ryan’s initial comments, Amaro tweeted out, ‘Game On Then,’ but proceeded to delete his tweet.

There’s no doubt that Ryan will circle the matchups against the Jets next week when Buffalo’s schedule is released.

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