Buffalo Football Report NFL Draft Contest

Think you can correctly predict the Buffalo Bills' first two draft picks in the 2015 NFL draft? We have a contest for you!

The NFL draft is just one week away and Buffalo Football Report has a contest for you! It's simple: Correctly predict Buffalo's first two draft picks and Ryan Talbot, Editor-in-Chief of Buffalo Football Report, will buy you an Adult Game Buffalo Bills Jersey. These are heat pressed, replica jerseys made by Nike that can be viewed at The Bills Store (Retail value: $100). 


-One guess per user. Signing up on Scout is free! IP addresses will be monitored to ensure that people do not create more than one account.

-Check to see if anyone has made the same two picks as you. The first person to post the correct combination will win.

-The contest starts NOW and runs until Thursday, April 30th at 7 PM EST. The thread will be locked at that time so no new entries can be made.

-Editing of picks is NOT allowed. Once you list your picks and click post, your entry has been submitted.

-You only win if you correctly guess BOTH picks.

Enter your picks here: Buffalo Football Report Bills NFL Draft Contest

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