Bills HOF WR Andre Reed on 'DeflateGate'

In an interview before an autograph signing, Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame wide receiver Andre Reed was asked to give his thoughts on 'DeflateGate.'

Hall of Fame wide receiver Andre Reed recently had an autograph signing in Syracuse, NY. Robert Harding of had the chance to interview the former Buffalo Bills wide out before the appearance. Harding asked Reed to give his thoughts on "DeflateGate" and the punishment the NFL gave to the New England Patriots and Tom Brady.

Here is what Reed told Harding:

"As soon as this all went down, I talked about it. I had radio stations and ESPN calling me, 'Can you talk about this?' I didn't even decipher what were my thoughts about it. The bottom line is there's rules in the game. You break the rules, you don't do what you're supposed to do, you should get fined, you should get punished and whatever. It didn't have to be Tom Brady. It could have been anybody else. I think the league, because it's Tom Brady and it's the Patriots, they kind of jump on the bandwagon. And anybody would get punished in the same way. I think every team — every quarterback — does that. It's a thing. They look at the balls, they feel the balls and if it's not to their liking, 'I don't want that one.'" 

Harding then asked Reed if he believed that wide receivers benefit from a deflated football.

"I don't think there's a benefit to a receiver. To a quarterback because he's throwing it. You figure if there's more air in the ball, the trajectory of it is a little different. If it's less air, the trajectory is different. Does it really have something to do with an outcome of a game? I mean, that's debatable. You can talk to experts about it and say, 'Well, it helped them win the game.' You can be playing with any kind of ball out there. You still gotta play the game. But within the rules of the game, they broke the rules and they should be punished for it. 

Harding also asked Reed about the upcoming “30 for 30” ESPN documentary series on the 90’s Bills as well as Rex Ryan. The entire interview can be read here: Andre Reed Q&A with

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