Andre Reed to Intern with the Buffalo Bills

Andre Reed still looks like he could suit up for the Buffalo Bills. This preseason, he'll be on the sidelines but it'll be as a coaching intern.

Andre Reed will be interning with the Buffalo Bills this preseason. The news was announced by Bombastic Industries Group (BIG) in a press release. Reed, a Hall of Fame wide receiver who played the majority of his career in Buffalo, will be working with the Bills under a Walsh Coaching Internship.

The press release adds that Reed hopes to gain enough experience through the internship to get a full-time coaching job in the NFL. Reed previously spent time as a Walsh intern with the Kansas City Chiefs and as the Wide Receivers Coach at the NFLPA Bowl for the last three years.

BIG’s press release included the following quote from Reed:

"I am honored and proud to serve the Walsh Coaching Internship with my home team, the Bills in Buffalo, NY, We are gonna do the work and put it in the dirt and I hope I can help get these guys ready for a big year." 

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